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SHIPPING TIMES: I am still shipping out regularly during this global pandemic. To reduce trips to USPS I am now shipping out twice a week instead of every day. While we haven't seen much delay in standard shipping times (typically 2-3 days for US orders) USPS has advised us that there may be additional delays on their end, so we cannot promise any specific delivery times. If you need an order by a specific deadline please contact us to confirm.

SAFETY: To keep myself and customers safe, I am practicing all necessary social distancing guidelines including wearing a mask in public, frequent hand washing and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces. Any incoming shipments of new inventory and shipping supplies will sit in the garage for three days prior to use

THANK YOU for your continued support during this difficult time. As a sole proprietor run small business that typically relies heavily on live events for income this pandemic has been a terrifying and humbling experience. Every order that comes in is truly a life line and I appreciate the heck out of all of you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of shirts do you print on, are they sweat shop free?

Yes, all our clothing is made in the USA and sweat shop free. We currently print exclusively on Royal Apparel. They manufacture in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Additionally all of the cotton used is 100% organic. Some garments we have use recycled materials, or bamboo. This will be stated on the product page. All garments use low impact dyes.

2. What type of inks do you print with?

We only use water based Matsui inks. While they are harder to work with, and therefore less-often used, they have an incredibly soft hand feel (especially after the first wash) and are much more environmentally friendly than thick plastisol inks that crack and peel over time.

3. I placed an order, how long will it take to get to me?

Typically I am shipping orders out every other day during the week. Since I run this company out of my van as a solo traveler, there will sometimes be brief periods of time where I am unable to fill orders but shipments will go out the next available business day. Orders within the US take 2-4 days to arrive. International shipping times vary greatly and I cannot give an accurate time frame, but typically expect 1-3 weeks for delivery. We do have expedited shipping for certain locations in the US that is available at checkout but please contact us if the order absolutely NEEDS to arrive by a specific very-soon date to make sure we can meet the deadline.

4. Do you ship internationally? If so, what are the shipping charges and delivery time?

We ship worldwide! Additional international shipping will be calculated upon shipping, typically $10-16 for the first shirt and $5 for each shirt after that. Orders to Canda will be $4-6 extra. Please be aware that once a package leaves the country it is no longer able to be tracked by USPS and we are not responsible or liable if the package is lost during international shipping. While this is incredibly rare, it does happen. Usually it takes 2 weeks to arrive but we have seen them take upwards of 6-8 weeks in certain locations.

4. I placed an order over 2 weeks ago and I still haven’t received it?

If it has been over two weeks since your order was processed please send an email via our contact page.

5. Do your shirts run big or small?

Our unisex shirts run fairly average but our fitted shirts tend to run on the smaller side. We highly recommend checking out the sizing chart before you order.

6. How can I pay for my order?

We process payments with paypal, an easy to use, trusted and secure online payment processing system. We can accept most credit/debit cards through this service as well as payments directly from a checking account. You do not NEED a paypal account to checkout.

7. What are your return and exchange policies?

We will accept all returns and exchanges within one month of initial purchase as long as the item is unwashed/unused. We cannot accept any items that are dirty, have a strong smell or have hair on them (human or non-human). For the first exchange of orders made within the US and Canada, the customer is responsible for the cost of sending back the item and we will cover the cost of sending you your new item. Any further exchanges, the customer will pay all shipping costs. For international orders the customer must cover all shipping costs. Please contact us for further return instructions. As I am constantly on the move, please do NOT send back an order to the shipping address on the package without contacting me first. I will provide you with the most appropriate return shipping address to ensure a speedy return/exchange. All sales on clearance items are final, except in the event of a defective item.

8. Who designed your website?

Our website was designed by Love Local Design, specifically Heather Strycharz who is a local vegan web designer.

9. Do you guys offer wholesale pricing?

We sure do, please contact us to inquire about pricing and availability.

10. Are you available in stores?

Our main operation is through our online store and VegFests around the country but you can pick up a number of our products from Rabbit Food Grocery (Austin, TX), Like No Udder (Providence, RI), Animal Place's Vegan Republic (Berkeley, CA), Nooch Vegan Market (Denver, CO), Compass Foods (Thunder Bay, Ontario) and Simply V (Cardiff, Wales).

12. Why don't you offer any sizes above 4X?

In every garment we use, we order every sizing option available to us. This produces a range of XS to XXXXL in most unisex shirts, and XS through XL or 2X in most fitted styles. While this offers a range of 15 different sizes to choose from, we realize that this does not necessarily accommodate every body size and type out there. The ethical standards that we have set for the company (organic or recycled, sweat shop free and USA made) also severely limits us in many ways including color, style and, most unfortunately, sizing options. We recognize that this is not an ideal situation and are constantly on the look out for other garment manufacturers who can create sizes above 4X that don't compromise our commitment to ethical labor practices and eco friendly materials.

13. Why isn't your bamboo certified organic?

We do our best to source ethical materials and often have to turn down a lot of fun products because they don't meet our standards. After careful research we determined that bamboo fits in with our mission and is, in fact, more sustainable than organic cotton alone. Technically a grass, bamboo is the fastest woody growing plant in the world and can reach full height in just 8-10 weeks and harvesting can be done without any damage to the surrounding environment. Bamboo grows very densely and as a result has a highly efficient yield of 60 tons per 2.5 acres compared to only 1-2 tons of cotton for the same area. Bamboo also requires very little water to grow, can help slow deforestation and does not require pesticides or fertilizers to grow. With so many amazing advantages to using bamboo over cotton we are doing our best to explore all of the uses possible.