5% of every sale that Compassion Co. receives (not just of those elusive profits) is donated to a non-profit organization that we feel does important work to change the world for animals. We rotate the organizations every month so that we can help spread the word about a number of groups that we believe in. Unlike most companies that make a public show of donating a vague "percentage of profits", I strive to be as transparent as possible about who we donate to, why and how much. If you ever have any questions about this, please feel free to get in touch.

For the month of March 2017, the recipient of this donation is the Civil Liberties Defense Center. CLDC offers free legal support and defense to activists who have been arrested for taking action. As an all vegan organization, the majority of our work is defending and supporting Animal Rights and climate Justice Activists. Additionally they have been strong opponents of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and have done a lot of organizing and education around it. We believe the work that CLDC is crucial towards fighting activist repression and making the world a better place for animals.

You can learn more about the Civil Liberties Defense Center by visiting CLDC.org

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